Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Osteoporosis Drug is Russian Roulette

According to the AP article, the FDA panel of experts* voted 9 to 3 that the benefits of the experimental osteoporosis drug Fablyn** far outweigh the risks of blood clots, vaginal bleeding, and hastening cancer of the uterus.

Government regulators already rejected Fablyn in 2005, citing concerns it could hasten cancer of the uterus lining. While those specific problems didn't show up in more recent studies, FDA noted higher rates of overall death among women taking the drug.

Pfizer said that the increased deaths were due to chance***.

Comments by the blog poster:

*...FDA panel of experts - That phrase sounds like an oxymoron. I wonder if the panel of experts would, if there are any that are women, take the osteoporosis drug? Or would they let their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives take the drug Fablyn? I wonder if there was a gender breakdown as far as pro and con?

**Fablyn - Word association: No way should the drug be thought as fab, fabulous, fabu, or fabulosity. It seems the more risky the drug, the more the drug companies try to glam up the name. Remember Fabian? He is alive and well and most likely was a hearthrob to the female osteoporosis generation. Do not confuse the two.

***Pfizer said that the increased deaths were due to chance.
Women: Most likely you have less chance of blood clots and cancer of the uterus if you don't take this Fablyn drug. Wait 15 years to see if people taking it get sick and there is increased death.

Don't be Pfizer's guinea pigs.

They have deep pockets. You have an increased chance of death if you try to beat a train at a railroad crossing or wear a blindfold while hiking. Fablyn sounds like Russian roulette to me.

The saddest thing about this osteoporosis drug situation is that they already know it's risky but are going to approve it anyway. After being approved, Pfizer's stock rose...

Do you need a good lawyer?